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PlayFortress is a new type of castle building game designed around the way medieval castles were constructed. The player controls a number of characters such as the Master Mason, who was responsible for designing the castle, hiring the workers; managing the resources and overseeing the construction of the castle. The Engineer is used to terraform the landscape (earthworks, moats and castle mottes), whilst the Lord manages the overall objectives (the castle economy).

The inspiration for the game was to attempt something new with the castle building genre, to create a game focuses upon how castles were constructed during the medieval era.

Early Access Version EarlyAccess

The following features are currently implemented in the Early Access version:

Castle Editing (Master Mason Mode)

All castle geometry pieces, walls and buildings can be placed on uneven ground ensuring castles can be built upon slopes and mounds (castle mottes).

Work In Progress

More features will be added later, some of these features are currently work in progress and can be seen at the end of the PlayFortress trailer video including:

How the full version is planned to differ from the Early Access version

There are several features that we already have in development including:

New features are planned for the Creative (freebuild) mode such as stairs, buttresses and defensive spurs, further content is also planned (more types of crenellations, roofs, arrow loops and so on).

Planned game play modes

More information will be posted on our Steam store page EarlyAccess, within our Steam store page forums and on this website.

Email questions to feedback@playfortress.com and we'll try to include them in an FAQ