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For press enquiries please contact: press@playfortress.com

Press kit download:  playfortress-press-kit.zip

Video Policy

When we release PlayFortress we encourage users to make videos of PlayFortress and grant permission to do so (for walkthroughs, Let’s Play and previews/reviews and so on). These videos can be published to your website or to other video sharing services (such as YouTube, Twitch.tv or similar).

Guidelines: Ensure the videos are non-commercial i.e. you cannot charge users to access your videos, or sell or license your videos for a payment of any kind. Do not take any assets from our games (e.g. music, graphics, items) and distribute those separately. Please keep any videos focused on gaming and away from controversial topics and please ensure no offensive or disrespectful content is used.

You are free to monetise your videos via YouTube, Twitch.tv and similar partner programs offered by video sharing sites. Please do not ask us to write to those companies to confirm it’s fine with us to post a video using PlayFortress content, instead please point them to this page.

Preview/Review Policy

If you want to make a preview/review of our game then we plan to handle this using the ‘do distribute’ system (more info on the system can be found here: dodistribute.com). We plan to use this system to ensure requests for press keys are genuine.

When we’re ready, we’ll put a link on this page to request press keys for our game.